Welcome to another hack by the ¶RÊÐÁTØR.  This hack explains a simple way to integrate the Motorola PC850 into a Nano-ITX, however this should work on almost any PC with an open USB header with any Bluetooth dongle.  I am not responsible if you break ANYTHING while doing this hack, proceed at your own risk.

First you need to pry open the case with a small screw driver or, in my case, a pocket knife.

Once the case is open you should see something like this.

With the bluetooth circuitry completely removed you'll notice that the USB jack is clearance mounted making it much easier to remove.

Next you need a connector that will fit your USB header with at least four separate wires and no more than five.  In my case I had this connector from an old USB LCD which had the perfect pitch for the Nano (Normal USB headers have pins spaced farther apart).  Don't forget to remember what the pin numbers are, with the USB connector closest to you the pins are 4, 3, 2, 1 from left to right... like a book.

This is what we have after unsolder the USB connector, much smaller now isn't it?

Now we can solder on the wires.  Pin 1 = Red (VCC or Power), Pin 2 = White (Data -), Pin 3 = Green (Data +), Pin 4 = Black (Ground).

A little bit of hot glue just to keep the wires in place and we are almost done.

A quick little connect to make sure everything is in the right place and the right length.

Now some two sided tape to mount it to the heat sync and keep it out of the way.

You see it mounted flush with a lip on the heat sync.

Another picture of it on the heat sync.

And now for the testing... works like a charm.

More testing shots...

The whole board with the dongle mounted conveniently out of the way.