I am not a web designer, I am a developer so I will not even try to make this look pretty but I will warn you:
Some pictures on here are from my camera others are from my phone so don't expect the best quality on all of the pictures. I will upload more pictures if and when I take them. The system I have installed in my car is a OPUS 120 Watt PSU powering a Via EPIA Nano-ITX N10000 1.0GHz, the full specs are below. This computer is not silent which I find a lot of people complaining about in their car, however, in this case I am driving my truck, a 1987 GMC Jimmy which makes enough engine noise from the 305 V8 that it dose not matter at all. Now onto the system...

Status: Installing and Configuring Hardware (Completed)
           Installing and Configuring Software

Detailed Specifications:
    Front End: StreetDeck
    OS: Windows XP Pro SP2 (Hacked)
    Motherboard: Via Nano-ITX N10000
    Processor: VIA Luke CoreFusion 1GHz Processor
    Memory: 512MB
    HDD-1: 30GB 2.5in
    HDD-2: 80GB 2.5in
    PSU: Opus DCX3-120
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX (USB)
    Screen: Lilliput 8'' Wide screen
    Car/Accessory Control: Fusion Brain (Beta Version)
    Satellite Radio: XM Direct (Model XMD1000)
    WiFi: AOpen 802.11g Wireless Mini PCI Card
    EVDO: LG Chocolate (Verizon Wireless) over Bluetooth
    GPS: BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver

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The Nano (Left) sitting next to its PSU (Right) (Note: the PSU is bigger than the Nano)

The AOpen wireless G card in the Nano's mini-pci slot
(Note: See how far it sticks out, this can cause problems during some installs, keep this in mind if you plan on taking this approach)

The Lilliput installed pretty much on the center of the main console

Behind the Lilliput is the GPS receiver mounted with velcro on the dashboard with nothing but glass above it

Cables from the Lilliput, GPS receiver, and anything else that may go in that area are all run through the hole left from the tuner knob when I took out the stock radio

Main power distribution block with one 4 gage input and four 8 gage outputs, the top two outputs (8 gage blue wires) power my two amps and the bottom left output powers the computer

This picture show where I decided to mount the XM antenna, on a lip by the driver side door right before the hood

The center console is where the computer and most of the accessories will be located, you can see I already started mounting/wiring things

General look at most of the equipment so far, the computer will be mounted in the middle bottom of the console

A look at the power supply mounted on the right hand site of the console or the top of this picture. You can also see the USB sound card located at the back of the console or the right hand of the picture

The dual 2.5in HDD mounted sideways in the center console (more messy wires) underneath where the cup holders are mounted (bottom of the picture), also, two SPST switches (lower left), one for the computer acc power line and the other to be decided later, finally, the hacked up charger for my cell phone (black thing at the top right)

Better picture of the USB sound card located at the back of the console or the top of this picture, you can also see the XM Direct unit mounted to the left hand side of the console or the right of the picture

In this picture you can see the XM Direct unit better and the USB sound card

I mounted the antenna out of harms way next to the floor on the drivers side of the center console

The mess of wires coming from the front of the truck including power, VGA cable, XM antenna cable, USB cables, etc... (Amp power wires not wired yet, thus the distribution block with nothing attached)

The center console with everything installed and mostly wired (just need to wire the final power cables)

The LPC-01 (Left) connect four serial devices to the Nano-ITX motherboard (requires a BIOS update to work) also works on the NL, EN/EX, and VB6002

Picture of the final install, really messy install that I will have to clean up but all the hardware is tested and works... next comes software...

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